Summer Hangouts

What Are Hangouts

Think about what you are passionate about. I am sure one, two, or many more things come to mind. Well, I imagine there are many other people passionate about the very same thing as you. So why don’t we connect those people with you? The way we do that is through a thing we call hangouts. Hangouts are an opportunity to build friendships and help other people connect to church around shared activities and interests. Hangouts meet in homes, the park, or at restaurants throughout the community and happen at different times throughout the week. They are not limited to those who attend Trinity either. Hangouts are for everyone. So bring your friends and let’s hang out together.


What are hangouts?

Hangouts are an opportunity for you to build friendships around common interests and hobbies. Hangouts are for the purpose of building friendships and helping others connect to church.

Where do hangouts meet?

Hangouts meet throughout the week in homes, at the church, at restaurants, or at the athletic field. Hangouts meet at locations throughout Jacksonville.

When do hangouts meet?

This varies depending on hangouts and the leader. All hangouts either meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The time of day varies as well. Some are daytime, some are evenings, others meet in the mornings. When you sign up for a hangout, the times are listed so that you can determine if the hangout you are interested in fits your schedule.

Can I join more than one hangout?

Yes, but we do not want you to over-extend yourself. We recommend joining one hangout and committing for the entire hangout, unless you can fully commit to more than one hangout.

When do hangouts begin and end?

Summer hangouts begin the week of June 2-8, and end the week of August 4-10.

Are hangouts the same thing as groups?

No. Hangouts are short term and activity focused with the goal of friendship and outreach. They are part of our call to “Go Together.” Groups are long term and Bible study focused with the goal of community and spiritual growth. They are part of our call to “Grow Together.”

Can I attend a hangout at a campus that I do not attend on the weekend?

Yes, you can join a hangout that is hosted by a campus that you do not attend. We listed the hangouts by campus to allow people to see the hangouts hosted by their campus, but that does not exclude you from signing up to attend a hangout at a different campus.

If I am interested in leading a hangout, can I?

Sure, it will need to be approved by our staff, but you can apply to lead a new hangout by following this link –