Moments matter! We are praying that over the next 4 weeks we will see a movement of moments. Moments where, in new or refreshed ways, we move deeper into the Gospel mission God has called every follower of Christ to be a part of. We’ll dig into what it means to live our lives on mission together as a church; taking new steps to come together in worship, grow together in groups, serve together in ministry and go together on mission. When this all comes together we get to experience a mission driven MOMENTUM.


It doesn't matter what you wear, where you come from, or what you've done - you are welcome here. Services at each Trinity location include powerful worship music and a challenging message that's rich with biblical truth and practical for everyday life. Our mission is to help you discover an extraordinary life with God.


We believe that the best way to grow spiritually is by doing life with other people. This is why we ask everyone to step out of a row and into a circle by joining a group. Groups will help you connect relationally and grow spiritually. Our church offers all kinds of groups: Men’s, women’s, singles, classes, Bible studies, and young adult groups. Some groups meet on campus and others off campus. There is a group for you, and we are here to help you get connected into the right group. Join a group today!


God has gifted all His people with different spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ. Not only has God asked us to use these gifts, but we believe that we will never truly discover our purpose unless we are actively using our gifts to serve and build His church.


We are passionate about reaching people with the gospel. We are thankful for our church ministries here in Jacksonville that reach people, but we also have a great burden to reach people around the world.