Helping Everyday People Discover An Extraordinary Life With God


Locally – We want to become a network of neighborhood churches bringing the Gospel to all of Northeast Florida.

Globally – We want to be partnered with church planting and Gospel advancing movements around the world.

Growth & Revitalization at our Hammond location – We want to continue to invest in and modernize our facilities and we have a vision to reach about 400 more people per weekend.

Build Oakleaf’s Permanent Building – We need to begin construction on Oakleaf’s building. This will allow us to more than double in size at our Oakleaf location to 1,000 people on the weekend.

Local and Global Church Expansion

  1. We are preparing for our 3rdJacksonville campus location, probably in north Jacksonville
  2. We are ready to grow and expand our investment in our current and new global mission partners

Leadership Development– This growth at each campus and our expansion locally and globally will require dozens of new ministry leaders ready to serve our community and share the Gospel. We are beginning the work of creating this plan to develop new leaders in our church.


Our current financial giving as a church supports our week-to-week ministry and missions giving commitments with little “over and above” margin. We are BLESSED to be supported by the faithful giving of hundreds of families. The vision in front of us requires participation and a level of financial generosity over and above our reality today.


The distance between where we are today and where we could be in financial support in order to begin progress on this vision is AMAZINGLY attainable IF we all work together. 2020 could be a transformative year in the life of our church and propel us into a brand new season of ministry.


We need EVERY family (100% participation) to take ONE STEP forward in their generosity as we end 2019 and prepare for 2020.


Enclosed is a financial commitment card. We would like every individual or family to pray over this decision to commit to “over and above” giving in the coming year and to take a new step in your generosity. We’ll collect these anonymous commitment cards on Sunday, December 15. You can also submit your commitment online anytime at the link above.