Study Groups are short term groups that meet around a particular subject or study. Study Groups meet on campus on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. Our Fall Semester will meet September 18 – Novemeber 6, 2019. Childcare is provided, but please fill out the Sign Up form below if you are needing childcare so we can be fully staffed for your children.

Adam Christmas- Basic Bible Doctrines, Meets in H-17

This class will enjoy learning about the basic beliefs of the Christian faith from an organized, Biblical perspective. It will cover exciting teachings of the Bible such as God, Angels, Mankind, Jesus Christ, Salvation, the Church, and the Future. Lessons will not just be educational, but will also focus on the practical applications of these teachings.

Daniel Warren- How to Study Your Bible, Meets in H-18

No other habit can do more to transform your life and make you more like Jesus than to study and act upon God’s word.  This class will walk through 5 different ways to approach your personal Bible study time and look at how to understand and interpret what you are reading in the Bible.

Jim and Carol Buckner- Experiencing God's Dream for Your Marriage, Meets in the L building

Would you like a fresh breeze to blow in your marriage? Do you long for a marriage where intimacy and communication are a reality instead of a dream? Experiencing God’s Dream for Your Marriage is a 12-part series by Chip Ingram examining God’s design for marriage, with practical instruction to help you make your marriage what God desires it to be.

Daniel Solomon-The Jewish Studies Course, Meets in H-20

We will examine the customs and traditions of God’s ancient people, the Jews. We’ll learn how the Jewish Lunar calendar, and its holidays help us to understand the Bible better. Join us on this exciting 8 week journey.