Hammond: Young Mens Group – The Arena: Justin Kelly

The Arena will be for young men entering into the “put up or shut up” stage of life – where careers, relationships, and families are started. The decisions a man makes at this stage will affect him and his family forever.

Hammond: Men’s Generational Discipleship Group: Steve Parish

Young men (20-40 years old) gathering together to study and apply the Bible, spend time in prayer, and build community with one another.

Hammond: Mike Barnett’s Group

Men in their 30’s gathering together, study the Bible, and developing relationships that encourage and provide accountability.

Oakleaf: Daniel Riddick & Ben Wallen – Men’s Group

This group is an amazing opportunity for men to gather together, study the Bible, and develop relationships that will bring encouragement and accountability.

Hammond: Men’s Early Morning Bible Study

A morning bible study for younger men that meets over coffee or breakfast to encourage each other and help each other grow in our relationship with Jesus!

Hammond: The Timothy Group – Ryan Scott

Men ages 18-29 studying the Bible, books and other topics then discussing how we can apply those things to our lives.