UPDATE: Missions Giving impacts Togo, West Africa

Earlier this year, we shared that our missionary partners in Togo, West Africa reported dire circumstances in the area due to the outbreak of COVID-19.  Travel and roadways were shut down between villages resulting in the breakdown of the supply chain while the cost of food skyrocketed. 

Due to the generosity of people like you donating to the COVID-19 Relief Fund, Trinity Baptist Church was able to send emergency aid that was used to purchase 38 bags of corn, each weighing 100 pounds.  After months of struggling to find and obtain food, this was welcomed as nothing short of a miracle to the people of Togo. 

Pictured above is Mouda.  He is widely known and carries great influence in the area because he is a voodoo-practicing witch doctor.  Living directly across from one of the churches planted by our missionary team, Mouda watches all that goes on.  He is revered as a powerful leader but even he could not produce food for those who looked to him.  

The man pictured above in the mask is Jean, a member of the church across the street from Mouda.  Jean gave him some of his own money and one of those huge bags of corn.  These gifts, although seemingly small to us, brought Mouda to tears as he said that he never imagined that a church would be so generous.  Seizing a tender moment, Jean was able to share the gospel with him.  Mouda has now heard and felt the gospel due to the generosity of God’s people who were willing to give to World Missions.  What a victory for the cause of Jesus Christ!  

Not only are we participating in giving, especially in these crucial times, but donors also continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  The willingness and generosity of people just like you is impacting the lives of those in need all over the world and claiming souls for the eternal kingdom of God.  

If you would like to be a part of making a difference by giving to World Missions, donations can be made at https://tbc.org/give/

Jimmy and Shelley Dinsmore Missionaries to Guatemala

According to their own words, Jimmy and Shelley both knew as children they would be missionaries; it was just understood. They met According to their own words, Jimmy and Shelley both knew as children they would be missionaries; it was just understood. They met at Trinity Baptist College, married and prepared for their next step in God’s plan. Shelley is a product of Trinity Baptist Church and the daughter of Steve and Kaye Carswell, faithful members here for many years.  Trinity is the Dinsmores’ sending church, so it can be seen how integral Trinity is in partnering with Jimmy and Shelley as they bring the message of God to the people of Guatemala.   

Jimmy and Shelley have been in Guatemala since August of 2006. They are parents to twin boys, Jonah and Silas, daughter, Eden, and the youngest, Titus. 

In addition to planting churches in their hometown of Peten, the Dinsmores have been given the vision of establishing a Pastor’s Institute to meet multiple needs in this area. The institute features a 3-year program for the purpose of training national Christian men to become self-sustaining pastors. The program further calls for the graduates to go throughout the country planting new churches. The current goal is to train 150 pastors for 150 villages over the next 10 years. 

Committing to 3 years at the institute can be a daunting challenge for these student pastors. They use their personal resources plus borrowed funds just for passage to arrive at the institute. Like missionaries, they leave behind their climate, culture and families, as well as jobs, to attend the studies that will eventually prepare them for pastoring and church planting. Unreached villages are almost always hostile to the gospel as the graduates go from a structured environment to less than friendly under-developed backwoods settlements. 

Currently, the Pastor’s Institute is dealing with a major situation due to the rainy season, Hurricane Eta and poor drainage.  

Subject to frequent flooding, the student housing units and church building are riddled with water damage. Poor drainage has resulted in the need to rebuild the houses, all of which have been affected. Getting this situation under control is especially critical since January 19, 2021 will start a new educational year with new students arriving, and housing must be ready by then.   

Plans are in place to fix the drainage problems, repairing the parking lot and replacing wooden housing supports with concrete columns which will last much longer and hopefully alleviate future water damage.  

Jimmy and Shelley state: “By fixing these houses, the students won’t have to worry about their books and shoes being ruined if it rains too hard during their preparation time here. We don’t try to change their culture by building something beyond what they are accustomed to, but we do want to build it well.”   

A construction project of this scale does not come without a large price tag, especially in an area where construction supplies are difficult to obtain. Many of the students themselves are willing and eager to handle much of the labor. The Dinsmores are in the processing of raising funds for this much-needed reconstruction event but need assistance. As a sending and giving church, Trinity Baptist Church has provided them with additional funds to go toward their present need. This is fulfilling our mission to give to worldwide ministry in a very real way. Celebrate with us the incredible work that we as a church are helping to accomplish, not only in Guatemala, but around the world.   

If you would like to participate in giving to this and other worldwide ministries, you can go to tbc.org/give and check World Mission Giving under the Choose a Fund tab.   

We look forward to hearing of the successful completion of construction work needed at the Bible Institute in Guatemala and pray for Jimmy and Shelley Dinsmore as they continue to lift the name of Jesus in this far away and foreign land.

Josh Freeman is Headed to Togo, West Africa!

The distance between Bradenton, Florida and Togo, West Africa is 5,540 miles.  It’s a trip Josh Freeman has made before.  However, his most recent journey to his new home ended dramatically in a way Josh, or no one, could have anticipated. 

This is his story…

Josh Freeman grew up as the son of a pastor, but his early ambition was not to enter the ministry.  Instead, his interest was in pursuing collegiate soccer. That decision is the unusual catalyst that brought him to Trinity Baptist College.  After assimilation into college life, his studies and relationships impressed upon him that full time ministry was what God had planned for him, although he did not know in what capacity.  He became attached to youth ministry and ultimately to leadership positions within the church. 

When Trinity’s Oakleaf campus launched, Josh was on the original transition team working with the student ministry, all the while seeking what direction God would guide him.  Around this time, Josh met missionary J. J. Alderman, a Trinity Baptist College graduate, already on the mission field serving the people of Togo.  Through many discussions with J. J., the counsel of others and much prayer, it was impressed upon Josh that Togo was where he was supposed to be.  A country of poverty, ancient rituals, but one full of people who have not yet been reached with the gospel. 

The next few years were busy with learning a new culture, working with a new team and learning a new language.  The team Josh was part of developed specific programs for church planting (establishing new churches) adapting ministries for children and creating intern programs.  Things were coming together! 

        Josh flew those 5,540 miles earlier this year to begin his new life and ministry in Togo.

He found a house, settled in and then the unexpected happened.  Twenty-eight days into his eagerly anticipated ministry, the doors that had been thrown open were now closed as the pandemic COVID-19 forced him to evacuate back to the United States.  Though naturally disappointed, Josh used the time back in the states to continue sharpening his French language skills, and further planning for his eventual return to Togo.   At this writing, he will be making the flights back to his “new” home on October 21st

Josh realizes much good can come of this set-back: “We know that we are walking into a different Togo. The Lord has continued to move despite all the setbacks to ministry. One of the most exciting things is that even though brick-and-mortar churches and gatherings of more than fifteen have been closed since March, there are two micro-churches that have been started!”

Josh plans to hit the ground running and will be focusing on working with local Togolese pastors in planting churches where none have been before.  He will utilize his knowledge and skill in soccer to reach the youth of Togo and build relationships in a country known for their love of African football. 

If you are wondering how you can help, to actually be part of this far-reaching ministry, here are some suggestions: 

  • Prayer, of course, for…
    • Josh embracing life in a different culture.
    • His team during this transition.             
    • God to continue to provide financially.
    • Souls to be saved, and disciples made.

Trinity Baptist Church sponsors Josh and other missionaries like him on a monthly basis, enabling them to continue spreading the gospel all over the world.  Because of the generosity of ordinary people, an extraordinary work is being accomplished. With your help, we can continue to ensure our missionaries are supported and encouraged. 

Here is a link to join with us in giving: https://tbc.org/give/

        You can follow Josh’s journey at his website www.joshuajfreeman.com for his newsletter and blog. 

Mayan Food Relief

“Can you put me on the same program that you put Esteban on?” I was taken back by the question and really did not know what they meant so I followed up with the question, “What do you mean?”

The Jeff Carney Family has been associated with Trinity Baptist Church for two decades. When we initially arrived in the Yucatan, we partnered with my parents, Don and Carolyn Carney, to plant Peninsula Baptist Church. In recent days, we are continuing to work with my parents in a new ministry opportunity through REACH ministries called Project 5/10. The goal of this project is to plant 5 Mayan churches in 10 years. God is opening doors for the gospel in the villages via medical clinics, baseball camps, bikes for grades in public schools, and more recently, through the Mayan Food Relief outreach.

The impact of Covid-19 can be readily seen throughout the Yucatan. Most of the men travel to the capital cities of Cancun or Merida to work during the week, but since March, their travel has been drastically reduced. We saw this as a God-given opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a visible way. We began purchasing large quantities of rice, beans, tuna, tomato sauce, pasta, soup, toilet paper and soap. These items are placed in a bag, along with a gospel tract, to be distributed. Each bag costs $8 USD and will feed a family of 4 for just about a week.

Trinity heard about the project and in quick succession pledged $4000 to purchase some 500+ food bags! What a blessing and honor for the Carney Clan to partner with churches and individuals like Trinity through REACH ministries to build Relationships that Empower leaders with Accountability as we proclaim Christ and bring Health to the Mayan villages!

To date, over 2000 bags have been delivered and our plan is to continue to distribute them until Christmas. Any small group, family or individual who desires to participate by donating $8 or more can simply scan the QR code or mail a check to: Don Carney Harrison Bay Rd, Harrison, TN 37341. Please be sure to mark the memo section with Mayan Food Relief.

“Can you put me on the same program that you put Esteban on?” It finally clicked in my mind. Esteban came and received an adjustment at a chiropractic clinic that we sponsored and soon thereafter he became a follower of Christ. Immediately he ceased from being one of the town drunks as he became a new creation in Christ. I responded and told the person that Esteban had taken a pill. The individual asked: “What pill?” I said, “The Jesus pill!”

We ask you to pray that the “Jesus pill” will continue to transform homes and villages as food goes into their hands and the gospel takes root in their hearts.

Reaching with you for them,

The Jeff Carney Family


Building Churches in Togo with Donated Concrete Mixer

In 2000, a group from Trinity Baptist Church’s youth group embarked on a short missions trip to Togo, West Africa. These teens were able to see firsthand how God was working in Togo, while helping with a few projects for our missionaries, Randy and Jeanette Alderman. The primary job they volunteered for was helping in the construction of a church – mixing and forming concrete blocks by hand. The work was difficult and tedious, and the students immediately recognized a great need. They realized so much more could be done in Togo with the help of an automatic concrete mixer. After completing their trip, the group came back to Trinity with changed hearts and started raising awareness of the need for a concrete mixer in Togo, quickly receiving $4,000 in donations from generous individuals within Trinity Baptist Church – enough to purchase the mixer. The concrete mixer was sent and unloaded in Togo twenty years ago and has been used in the building of an airplane hangar, nearly a dozen churches, and other small projects since then. The mixer is still being used today. Thanks to the actions of those students twenty years ago, we were able to make a long-lasting impact on the work being done in Togo.  

Your donations continue to bring about great change around the world as well! If you would like to give to our Missions budget to help fund the incredible work of people like Randy and Jeanette Alderman, give here: tbc.org/give.

Church Donations Help Feed Hungry Families in West Africa

We constantly see stories in the news of countries like the United States, China, France, and Italy being deeply affected by COVID-19, but we don’t hear much about other smaller countries. Some of the smaller countries somehow go unnoticed. While the actual virus might not take as many lives in these areas, the breakdown of the global supply chain will.

We’ve been in contact with our missionary partners around the world, and they’ve been telling us of the immense suffering taking place in the areas where they are currently serving. JJ Alderman is one the missionaries who our church has the privilege to partner with; he has been a missionary to Togo, West Africa for many years.

JJ told us that since the beginning of March, the entire region has been shut down for travel between cities for all their people. This causes tremendous problems because people must travel to the more populated areas to earn money and purchase food for their families. (no prescription pharmacy paypal) Additionally, due to the enforcement of strict social distancing laws, people aren’t allowed to ride together on motorcycles – the most popular means of transportation in their area. This dramatically increases the difficulty for the people of West Africa to both earn money and purchase basic things they need to live.

With less people purchasing food, the prices for things like corn and grain have skyrocketed nearly 100%. Additionally, JJ told us that 50%-75% of the people in that region are struggling to find food or are out of food completely.

As a church, we will do all we can to minister to those in need. After hearing about this tragedy, we partnered with JJ to send food to the people we are ultimately trying to reach with the love of Jesus. Because of generous givers like you giving to Trinity’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, we were able to purchase 38 bags of corn weighing 100lbs each and ship it directly to these people.

The images you’re seeing are some of the many individuals who have received the valuable food supplies that we have sent. We thank you for your continued support of our ministry both here in Jacksonville, and around the world. With you, we are truly making a difference in the lives of many!

Click here to donate today: https://tbc.org/give/ 

Providing Food to Guyana During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create social and economic instability across the globe, smaller countries have found it difficult to stay afloat. Greg and Wendy Mann, missionaries to Guyana, have been faced with unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis. The effects of the virus have been felt in significant ways throughout Guyana. Agriculture dominates most of the economy within the country, and in the interior of Guyana, individuals and families rely on trade to access the necessary resources for their day-to-day lives. When the Guyanese government put trade restrictions in place, many of these families found themselves unable to gather some of the most basic supplies for survival.

Grace Ministries Guyana, under the direction of Greg Mann, has begun fundraising to provide some of these struggling families with food baskets containing two weeks’ worth of supplies. Starting with a $500 goal, Grace Ministries desired to provide only a few families with baskets. But thanks to generous donations, including a $1,000 donation by Trinity Baptist Church, their ministry has been able to provide baskets for 47 families, and they hope to deliver many more. With each basket delivered, the ministry has been able to witness to these families in a way that was previously impossible. With some of the funds donated, Grace Ministries also has begun reparations on a pipeline which will provide locals with fresh drinking water. They believe that this will not only save lives but serve as an outreach opportunity for many years to come. While the COVID-19 pandemic halted many normal operations, it also has added an abundance of opportunities for Christians to witness and act as beacons of Christ.

Thank you to everyone who continues to give, you’re truly making a difference around the world! If you would like to give to our ministry so we can help more people like this, simply follow this link: https://tbc.org/give/.